• Glencore
Developer Notes:

Potential System Outage: 29/01/20
There is a planned power outage for the primary server premises on the 29/01/20.
The outage is described as a 9hour window but typically is only for 1hour.
We see the risk of an outage to you as a very low likelihood.
Our IT Continuity Plan mandates we move our server to the secondary premise to cover the outage.
In this instance we will not move the server to use our new support systems.
The server is now protected by a UPS and Generator system.
This system has been tested and no outages have occurred.
Should it be required, the moving of the server to the secondary premises is still available.

System Id: NECF34270
Date: Wednesday, 29 January
Est. start and finish: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Parts of: East Maitland

Version 3.0
NOW In Development:
- Upload Tools - In Progress
- Main Dashboard - Complete
- Management Section
   - Complete

- Updated Search engine
- More granular Security model
- Improved user interface

Version 2.39 - Aug 2019:
- Bug fixes; Default dashboard,
- Document Detail Link
   on summary page
- Upload errors for uploads

Version - Jun 2019:
- Fixed timeout error when
    using Internet Explorer
- Anon can mark doc under